Who We Are

God, use me in some small way to change things in the big ways that only you can accomplish.

We are a faith centered organization and we believe that God is the ultimate healer and only He can provide true hope and joy in a broken world riddled by such horrors as human trafficking, abuse, neglect and violence. Our trips are about serving others and making an eternal impact. We are a welcoming group and there is absolutely NO requirement for any specific belief system in order to participate on our trips or in our training programs.

Our goal is to train the next generation of dancers to develop an outward focus to serve others through the healing power of dance. We equip them with leadership and teaching techniques so that they can, in turn, empower those that have suffered trauma that exist within their own communities as well as those throughout the world. Dance therapy has been shown to be the most beneficial type of therapy, especially for children, that have suffered any type of trauma. It not only has been shown to redirect the destructive brain pathways created by PTSD, it also provides an acceptable expression of a full range of emotions while empowering people to take back control of their body and gain confidence as a person of value. It can reset the mind to focus on God, feel his love, and redirect the mind in a positive direction that recognizes hope and joy.

Often people, especially those that have suffered any sort of trauma, are unable to label, or even identify, their emotions. But, dance provides an outlet to explore those emotions in a safe and constructive way. Thus, enabling the emotions to be given over to God who is the ultimate healer.