International Trips

Connecting our world through dance


  • El Salvador – June 8-15, 2024 ¬†and July 6-13, 2024
    • For more information or to register contact Julie Hoffmann at
  • Cuba – July 12-21, 2024
    • For more information or to register¬†contact Julie Hoffmann at

Step out of your comfort zone and experience the dance adventure of a lifetime! Rise up International trips provide the unique opportunity to broaden your worldview of dance. On these trips you will use your gift of dance to serve those that have suffered trauma in their lives by performing, teaching, and working various service project. Much of this will be done at orphanages, schools, and safe houses for those being rescued from the horrors of violence or human trafficking. Rise Up trips also provide a chance to experience and develop your dance skills within a different culture with local dance classes, cultural exchanges, and joint performances through local venues. Combine all of this with some time for cultural or historical sightseeing, or local tourist activities, and you have a recipe for a life transforming experience.

For our international dance experiences we partner with established local ministry partners to ensure a safe, well planned, and stress-free trip experience.